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Tamper-Resistant and Weather-resistant Receptacles Code # 406.4(D)&(6)

When replacements are made at receptacle outlets that under the 2011 NEC would require either tamper-resistant or weather-resistant receptacles in new construction,the replacement receptacle must comply with the 2011 NEC requirements.

This NEC Code will extend this protection to older homes.

Tamper-resistant receptacles prevent foreign objects from being inserted into the receptacle. Many children are injured every year by sticking keys, hair clips or other metal objects into receptacle outlets. Weather-resistant receptacle are made to withstand the moisture and temperature changes that cause the high failure rates on non-weather resistant receptacles installed out doors.

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Major Code Change 210.12(B) Arc-Fault Circuit- Interrupter Protection.Branch Circuit Extensions or Modifications-Dwelling Units.

If modifications are made in a dwelling unit areas that now requier AFCI protection, the new wiring must be AFCI protected.

If residence was wierd befor arc-fualt circuit-interrupters were requierd in part of the dwelling that did not requier AFCI protection, and a circuit is extended or modified in an area that now requiers AFCI protection, thous areas that requier AFCI protection under the 2011 Code must be AFCI protected. This is a major Code change.

AFCI protection can be provided by installing a listed combination type AFCI circuit breaker, or installing a listed outlet branch-circuit type AFCI receptacle at the first outlet on the exsisting branch circuit. AFCI receptacles must be installed in RMC,IMC,EMT, type MC, or steel armored type AC cables complying with the requierments for equipment grounding conductors listed in section 250-118

Being able to install a listed outlet branch-circuit type AFCI is helpful, especially in older homes with a fuse panel or a circuit breaker panel for which AFCI circuits breakers are not available.

info provided by 2011 NEC book. 

6:22 pm edt 


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